Sales Jiu Jitsu Techniques

In this Dojo I will show you how to flip your customers from negative to positive.

You've heard of Jiu Jitsu: Using your attacker's power against themselves. The more forcefully they attack you, the easier it is to flip them.
Well now I will share powerful verbal jiu-jitsu techniques to “flip” customers from negative to positive. These jiu jitsu techniques are clever, fun to use, and they work almost all the time. It's fun to watch how the customer forgets their negative objection and moves to the positive. You will use these techniques when you're making cold calls, or handling any objection they give you.

Part of being great in sales is preparation. In this module, I will prepare you to anticipate objections and arm you with the simple, magic words to flip the sale in your favor and focus on the positive. You’ll be turning no into YES and maybe into NOW.

This course will change your whole attitude about objections. You'll find yourself looking for any objection to use your new jiu-jitsu flips.
This course will transform the way you approach sales forever. So go ahead, click the enroll button and GET STARTED AND BECOME A SALES JIU JITSU BLACK BELT!

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Get started now!

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Alan Gordon
Alan Gordon

Alan Gordon has trained and coached countless salespeople from all over the world selling everything imaginable. In this series of online courses, he brings together every skill you'll need to succeed and bring your income to a new level. Alan has broken down every aspect of the sales process into simple step by step words, phrases, techniques and scenarios. You will have every sales skill necessary to become a top performing salesperson in any environment.