Sales 101 Bundle: The Essential Secrets of the Sales Masters

Take a look inside the minds of the most successful salespeople in the world

I'm going to take you inside my own sales mind and inside the minds of the greatest salespeople I've ever met. I'm going to show you how they think, what they say, how they handle situations, and how they successfully close sales.

I asked hundreds of successful salespeople - "What's the one thing you wish you knew when you first started?" And this course is the answer. What they learned over years, you can learn right now.

For beginner and experienced salespeople alike.

Basic techniques, advanced techniques, hundreds of tips, phrases, word tracks, pivots and closing sequences - cataloged from the best sales minds on the planet.

This course is a life preserver for salespeople who don't know where to turn. Most salespeople, even those closing daily, are just "winging it" or “getting lucky” with no real process or framework.

This is the comprehensive sales process you've been looking for, broken down for you point-by-point. After spending decades cataloging and documenting thousands of techniques for every sales situation and traveling around the world listening to the best salespeople in every industry selling everything you can imagine, I have jam-packed this course with absolutely everything you need to be successful in sales.

These structured sales skills and techniques will not only give you the confidence to succeed in any sales job, but also the ability to take it to the next level. You'll get point-by-point skill breakdowns complete with phrases, word tracks, lots of examples and practice drills. You’ll get a structured framework, complete with pivoting phrases and technique combinations to a close.

Don’t wait any longer- Let’s get started working on the skills you need to put you on the path to a professional career in sales right now!

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Class Curriculum

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I feel more comfortable out in the field.

"Good morning. Alan.

I am so grateful with you for all that you do for sales reps. I clearly understand that you really know the pain we go thru. I personally have learned so much from your books and courses that you have no idea.

English as my 2nd language it is hard for me. But for whatever reason you explain everything so clear that I capture a lot from you. I really appreciate that all the videos in this course have notes under them - it makes so much easier for me to study and learn everything you are explaining.

Everything you have done is making me feel very comfortable out in the field and I can't thank you enough!"

- Jose Z., Outside Sales Reps

Your Instructor

Alan Gordon
Alan Gordon

Alan Gordon has trained and coached countless salespeople from all over the world selling everything imaginable. In this series of online courses, he brings together every skill you'll need to succeed and bring your income to a new level. Alan has broken down every aspect of the sales process into simple step by step words, phrases, techniques and scenarios. You will have every sales skill necessary to become a top performing salesperson in any environment.