Seven Step Sales Challenge

Challenge yourself to overcome sales obstacles and reach every sales goal imaginable!

You are invited to the Big Book of Sales Seven-Step Sales Challenge completed over seven days (or at your leisure.) This challenge forces you to honestly assess your strengths and weaknesses and start making important changes to overcome roadblocks that are causing you to lose sales.

This is a mental challenge, and you will finish armed with valuable self-knowledge and the tools you need to take yourself from average results to the next level in your sales career.

Through these seven video challenges, you'll start a journey of discovery, learning how selling has changed over time and how to turn it into your advantage. Throughout the course, you will receive dozens of honest, proven ideas on how to stop losing sales by improving your technique (with skills you can begin using immediately!)

Whether you are a master salesperson or today is your first day on the job, these seven challenges will change the way you look at the sales process forever.

You will leave this course with:

  • The mindset to earn a respectable, professional wage in any sales job.
  • A high level of confidence in your sales skills.
  • The ability to take your sales career to the next level of success in any sales position, or in your own business.

Join me on the Seven-Step Sales Challenge and begin down the path to becoming a master in your profession.

Get started now!

Get started now!

Love the Seven Step Sales Challenge

"I'm finding these Sales Challenge videos to be very helpful, I have just recently taken up a new job in B2B IT sales which I start in a few weeks. I have worked most of my life in retail so these challenges / videos and the Big Book of Sales are some great tools I've been using to study up and become successful in B2B sales. You’re giving me a sales structure that I can follow and think about while I’m talking to customers. I just wanted to say thanks and I look forward to the next challenge."

- Charles S., New to B2B Sales

Your Instructor

Alan Gordon
Alan Gordon

Alan Gordon has trained and coached countless salespeople from all over the world selling everything imaginable. In this series of online courses, he brings together every skill you'll need to succeed and bring your income to a new level. Alan has broken down every aspect of the sales process into simple step by step words, phrases, techniques and scenarios. You will have every sales skill necessary to become a top performing salesperson in any environment.